Parking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Centres

These FAQs are designed for centres who are interested in delivering the BPA-WAMITAB qualifications that are currently available:

  • WAMITAB Level 2 Award for Parking Enforcement Officers
  • WAMITAB Level 3 Award in Notice Processing

WAMITAB Level 2 Award for Parking Enforcement Officers

This qualification focuses on developing conflict management skills in those individuals employed as civil enforcement officers, parking attendants, parking enforcement officers and CCTV enforcement officers. This qualification is assessed by two online multiple choice tests; one for the mandatory, managing conflict unit, and a second for the chosen pathway.

About delivering the qualification

1. What are the requirements to be able to deliver this qualification?

As learners are assessed by multiple choice question (MCQ) tests, Centres will not need to retain assessors and internal quality assurers for the assessment of this qualification. They will, however, need to comply with WAMITAB regulations for the delivery of MCQ tests and make provisions for independent invigilators who have not been involved in the training or tutoring of learners, to be present during the test sessions.

2. Is there a syllabus or framework to guide delivery of the qualification?

The qualification units are available for Centres to download from the secure area of the WAMITAB website. Each unit has a set of learning outcomes and assessment criteria which outline what the learner will be able to know, understand and do. This syllabus should be used to guide Centres in developing delivery and learning support materials.

About the assessment strategy

3. What does the new assessment strategy for the Level 2 Award for Parking Enforcement Officers, introduced in January 2015, entail?

Learners registered for the qualification will be expected to complete their qualification via online multiple choice test papers.  This new approach to assessment is more proportionate to the level and style of the qualification and the more streamlined approach should make it easier for Centres to deliver and manage. Centres should refer to the full assessment strategy for further details on assessment and delivery requirements.

4. Why has this change been introduced?

This new approach is in response to recent changes announced by educational Regulators, which mean that learners are no longer required to demonstrate mastery against all assessment criteria.  The Regulators have advised that changes to the current framework for qualifications mean that a compensatory approach for assessment, where valid, can be used.  The compensatory approach does not require learners to demonstrate achievement against all learning outcomes and assessment criteria within a qualification.

5. What about learners that were registered before 1st January 2015?

Learners registered before 1st January 2015 will be able to complete the qualification based on the existing assessment strategy, ie, paper-based assignment and test. However, if they wish to switch to the new assessment strategy, this will be possible, but it must be understood that they cannot decide at a later date to switch back to the previous strategy. Learners who do choose to switch to the new assessment strategy must complete and sign the Learner Assessment Method Transfer Agreement Form.

6. Will learners be required to undertake any additional forms of assessment, as well as the tests?

No, learners will not be required to complete other forms of assessment for the Level 2 Award for Parking Enforcement Officers.  The multiple choice test route will be the only option available.  Learners who are not successful at the first attempt must retake the test.

7. How many times can learners re-take the test?

Learners will be able to retake the paper twice, ie, they will be able to take a total of three tests. Learners who do not achieve after 3 re-takes will need to re-register and will not be able to sit a further test for a full 6 months from the date of the last test.

8. Is there a separate cost for the initial test?

No, the cost of the test is included within the registration fee for each learner.

9. Is there an additional cost for subsequent re-takes?

Yes, learners who need to retake the test will need to pay re-test fee of £20.00 per unit test. Therefore, if learners fail both unit tests, the re-test fee will be £40.00.

About the test

10.  How do I schedule a test session?

To book the test session, you will need to contact WAMITAB at least 3 working days in advance of the date you would like to hold the test.  At this time you will need to complete Learner Registration Sheet to provide: Learner name and date of birth together with the detail of the pathway/unit(s) for which the test is required. 

The team at WAMITAB will then generate a test based upon your request and they will send you a link, which will be unique to your centre and will be available only for the day that the test has been scheduled. Learners will need to log on to the test using their name, date of birth and WAMITAB Registration number. This information will be provided to Centres in advance of the test day.

All tests will require learners to produce suitable valid photographic identification on the test day (including for re-sits of the test).

11.  Can I administer the test in-Centre?

Yes, as an Approved WAMITAB Centre, you can act as invigilator or use external invigilators to operate tests anywhere that there is adequate internet and IT resources. However, you must ensure that the person responsible for invigilation is not the same person who has tutored/trained learners in preparation for the test. Invigilators and learners will be required to be conversant with and adhere to the WAMITAB Regulations for the Conduct of Multiple Choice Tests for the Parking Sector. We have also provided a Practical Invigilation Guide which should be used to prepare and administer tests. 

12.  What are the minimum operating requirements for the test?

Any device that has an internet connection can access the online-testing system including Smart devices such as iPhone; iPod Touch; iPad and Android. Centres will need to provide each learner with a device or access to a PC or laptop with internet access. You will be able to use any of the following browsers: Internet explorer 6+; FireFox 2.0+; Safari 3+; Opera 10.6+; Chrome 8+.  Additionally you will need JavaScript and cookies enabled which comes standard with web browsers.  ClassMarker is compatible with all major operating systems including: Windows; Macintosh; Linux; Chrome OS / Chromebook. 

If you have security software on your system you need to liaise with your IT administrator to ensure that the settings will allow access to the website that hosts the tests.  It is advisable to check this in advance to make sure you do not encounter problems on the day of the test.

13.  How are the tests compiled?

We have created a new question bank to provide a broader and more robust coverage of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria within each unit of the qualification.  The new set of questions is sufficiently detailed to ascertain the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the subject.  The tests are generated individually to provide a unique paper for each learner.

14.  What about security?

The service provider WAMITAB is working with does an incremental back-up of all data every 30 minutes and the website is hosted in a 24/7, high security data centre to ensure the highest level of security for your data.

15.  Are there any safeguards against cheating?

The tests have been set up so that for each test paper a random selection of questions is generated from the question bank, which tests a minimum of 90% of the curriculum, and the list of possible answers will also be presented in random order.  Questions are presented on the screen, one question at a time and the printing option has been disabled.  Learners will not be able to move on from a question without answering, and will not be able to go back and re-address questions once clicked through to the next screen. However, it is important that you follow the WAMITAB Regulations for the Conduct of Multiple Choice Tests for the Parking Sector to put in place your own safeguards.

16.  What is the pass mark?

The pass mark is set at 70%, so learners will need to achieve at least 70% for each test (mandatory and option pathway) to achieve the qualification.

17.  Will learners who are unsuccessful be given any information about the areas that they failed?

No, learners will only be informed of their overall result; there will be no recommendations about areas/topics that should be revisited when revising for a re-sit.   The Centre will need to contact WAMITAB to arrange for the learner to retake the test.

18.  Will provisions be made for learners who require reasonable adjustments?

Yes, Centres should provide to WAMITAB signed and completed application forms for all learners who require an adjustment five days prior to the test date. WAMITAB will consider applications for reasonable adjustments on a case by case basis, and Centres must state reasons and proposed actions when applying. The cost of any reasonable adjustments will be borne by the Centre. This information will be available to the External Quality Assurer (EQA), and may be used during usual EQA visits.

Further information about applying for reasonable adjustments is available in WAMITAB Regulations for the Conduct of Parking MCQ Tests.

19.  Who do I contact if there is a problem with the test when we begin a session?

The first step should be to check that you have stable internet access and that there is no fault with the computer equipment or smart device.  Once it is established the problem is with the test itself you should contact the WAMITAB office which is open 9.00-5.00 pm, Monday-Friday and we investigate and try to resolve the situation.  The solution could be simply sending a replacement link to a test.  However, as the testing service is hosted off-site it may not be possible to resolve straight away.

About results and certification

20.  How will results be issued?

The online system automatically marks the tests and results are shared with WAMITAB, but results will only be shared with the Centre once the necessary invigilation paperwork has been received. Learners are required to achieve a pass in both tests (the mandatory unit and their pathway unit) to achieve the qualification, and Centres are advised to wait for results from both tests before advising learners on their performance.

21.  How soon after a successful test will learners be issued with certificates?

This is a two-unit qualification (mandatory unit and option pathway) and success is required in both tests.  The qualification certificates will be processed and made available to learners via the Centre. WAMITAB requires the full, completed invigilation paperwork in order to process certificates, but will not need individual Certificate Authorisation Claims forms. We aim to provide certificates for learners who have been successful in both tests within 10 working days of receipt of invigilation paperwork.

22.  Is there a cost for certification?

The cost of certification is covered within the initial registration/certification fee of £75 per learner.

23.  Will practice tests be available to enable learners to get used to the online format?

Questions developed by Centres at the Parking Forum Event in 2014 will be available in Word.doc format for use in training and test preparation by late summer 2015. Centres are free to develop their own test questions to be used as test preparation.

24.  Some employers will not allow us to access testing sites using their internet connection, can we pre-download the test?

No, if Centres know that they will be visiting a site where internet connection is a problem they should contact WAMITAB to investigate alternatives. Centres should be aware that these will incur additional bespoke charges depending on the level of support required.

25.   Will these changes also apply to the Level 3 Award in Notice Processing?

The assessment strategy for the Level 3 Award in Notice Processing will remain unchanged.

WAMITAB Level 3 Award in Notice Processing

This qualification has been specifically developed for those who work in or want to work in an office-based parking role within the UK private or public parking industry.  It develops the knowledge and skills required for employment and progression in this industry. Learners are required to complete two units; one mandatory unit covering an introduction to notice processing and information management and one further unit from four optional groups.

26.  How is this qualification assessed?

For this qualification the approved Centres can design and manage their own assignment-based assessments, which must be approved by WAMITAB prior to use. Approved Centres who wish to use an alternative method of assessment must submit an assessment plan to WAMITAB.

27.  What types of assessment are available?

Centres may choose to use short- and long-answer assignments as full and final assessment for learners, however, the questions and marking guides must be approved by WAMITAB prior to use. Assignments must cover, in full, the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for the qualification.

28.  What are the requirements to deliver this qualification?

The assessment or marking of the candidate’s output must be undertaken by suitably qualified and competent assessors/marker, who are not the tutors or the individuals responsible for delivering learning material to the candidate being assessed. In addition, Centres will need suitably qualified staff to undertake internal quality assurance. WAMITAB will appoint an External Quality Assurer (EQA) to sample assessment to ensure consistency of assessment and proper application of the assessment requirements. More detailed guidance is available in the Assessment Strategy document that will be made available to Centres once they have been approved.

29.  Can previous experience/achievement be taken into account?

Evidence from past achievement may be included as permissible evidence within the assessment methods for this qualification. Evidence of prior knowledge and understanding can be offered as supplementary evidence as long as it is a measurable assessed outcome of learning which links to the unit of assessment. WAMITAB has produced guidance on recognition of prior learning, which should be referred by Centres wishing to make use of this facility.

30.  Is there a cost for certification?

The cost of certification is covered within the initial registration/certification fee of £75 per learner.

31.  How long does it take for certificates to be processed?

Once the necessary paperwork has been received and verified by WAMITAB, it usually takes up to 10 working days to process and despatch the certificates via the Centres for candidates.